We discovered PKU in 1934

Not just famous for its beautiful fjords, enchanting northern lights and rough vikings, Norway is also the place where physician Ivar Asbjørn Følling discovered PKU back in 1934. Now we are back with a powerful app to help make your life easier.

A powerful, versatile and feature-rich tool made specifically for PKU

This is not just another diet calculator with a PKU stamp on top of it. This app is the real deal. Several years of careful testing by families and individuals with PKU went by before this app was launched. Every single function has been designed specifically with PKU in mind.

Your diet is important and the calculators are here to help you out

Keeping track of our daily diet has become part of our lives. It’s therefore vital that this routine is as simple and straightforward as possible. We haven't forgotten about the formulas either. The calculators will gladly assist you with your daily measurements, and fear not - these guys know their stuff - they will adapt to local calculation methods and take into consideration what type of foods you are eating.

Create multiple users and share them with others

Feel free to create as many users as you want and collaborate with whomever you like, like family members or teachers. Anyone can join in to help make your life easier. The app communicates in real-time meaning each and every participant will get instant updates whenever the daily status is updated.

Designed for families and children

We know that PKU tends to run in families and have therefore optimized the app especially for families and children. Parents are able to create unique users for each of their children. Others can join in to help out, like grandparents, teachers, babysitter and so on. The app communicates in real-time meaning each and every participant will get instant updates whenever the daily status is updated.

Keep track of your blood values

Maintaining and storing your blood values is as easy as ever before. In return you will get nice graphs showing you how you've been doing and in what direction you're heading.

Check the logbook for what you ate last week

The logbook will help you keep track of every meal for the past month in case you need to go back and double check something.

Supports both Phe and Exchanges

When we first started to look for PKU apps our biggest concern was the fact that there are several ways of calculating the daily intake. How could we trust each app to handle things the right way? Our way? We have solved this problem by letting you choose which method you would like to use. The app supports both Phe (mgPhe) in addition to different types of exchanges.

Let Sophia show you how to use the app in this video


What others with PKU are saying about the app

Works great! A perfect tool for my part 🙂 I have to watch my diet very carefully since I’m trying out NeoPhe. It’s therefore nice to be able to do it on my phone. Then I won’t have to carry with me my notebook all the time 🙂👏 - Inger

I used this app for the first time today and it’s really great 👌 As a grandparent I spend much more time doing the calculations, but today I just provided the app with the numbers and suddenly it was all nicely calculated 😁👌 - Rita

Our son loves this app! He uses it every day and enjoys the feeling of being able to keep track of his own status. We realized that his blood values improved after he started using the app. - Father of 10 year old boy

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