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The world’s most powerful and feature-rich PKU app

This app literally does everything, and it’s very easy to use. It was made by someone who truly cares about PKU. It took several years of careful testing by individuals and families with PKU before this app was even launched. This is an app you can trust.

Keep track of your diet with Phe, exchanges and formulas

The app shows you exactly what you eat and how much Phe you have left to spend. It also supports exchanges. You can either update your status manually, or create your very own list of food and recipes. We haven’t forgotten about your formulas either.

Create multiple users and share them with others

This app allows you to create and share multiple users between family members, friends, teachers, and so on. The calculators are there to help everyone, and the app allows you to connect and update your status in real-time, making your life easier and more secure.

Store recipes and search among thousands of food-items

Feel free to create your very own list of food and recipes. The app even allows you to search among thousands of well-known food items. This works seamlessly together with the calculators.

Powerful PKU calculators are there to help you out

The inbuilt PKU calculators are extremely reliable and easy to use, and they work seamlessly together with your daily status. Even your mom would know how to use them :)

Enjoy the logbook and register your blood levels

The app features a powerful logbook to record and track meals. If you want you can also enter your blood levels and the app will provide a clear overview of your status.

Made in Norway

We discovered PKU in 1934

Not just famous for its beautiful fjords and enchanting northern lights, Norway is also the place where physician Ivar Asbjørn Følling discovered PKU back in 1934. Now we are back with a powerful app to help make your life easier.

What others with PKU are saying about the app

Works great! A perfect tool for my part 🙂 I have to watch my diet very carefully since I’m trying out NeoPhe. It’s therefore nice to be able to do it on my phone. Then I won’t have to carry my notebook with me all the time 🙂👏 - Inger

I used this app for the first time today and it’s really great 👌 As a grandparent I spend much more time doing the calculations, but today I just provided the app with the numbers and suddenly it was all nicely calculated 😁👌 - Rita

Our son loves this app! He uses it every day and enjoys the feeling of being able to keep track of his own status. We realized that his blood values improved after he started using the app. - Father of 10 year old boy

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